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Zombie Express


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Zombie Express description:
If you’re thinking this is your typical, average zombie killing game, think again! This time around, you won’t have to take out any evil creatures, you won’t even have to harm them in any way.

All you have to do in Zombie Express is to load a bunch of zombies on the platform of your truck and deliver them to a specific location. It may sound simple, but, in fact, it takes a little skill to perform this task appropriately.

At the loading dock you have to make sure that the zombies you load are actually safely set on the platform, otherwise you risk losing them on your way to the delivery point.

In order to place your zombie cages on the platform of the truck you have to use your left mouse button. Move the cages around as much as you want to figure out the best way to set all the cages in the right order of size and weight.

Once your cargo is safely loaded, you can click the big “Go!” button on the screen and then you can start driving. Use the arrow keys to move the truck forward or backward, but make sure that you don’t drop your cargo.

Once you get the hang of driving around with a bunch of zombies loaded on your truck, you’ll see there’s nothing easier than delivering the goods to the destination. You do, however, have to make sure that you take all the zombies where you have to. If even one of them falls off, you have to start the level all over again.

You may have been used to killing zombies, but this time you will see that you can have loads of fun by simply moving them around, instead of shooting them.
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