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Xenosquad description:
This free friv game is here for the avid online gamers that really love the thrill of an exciting and challenging activity. Xenosquad is a remake of a very famous game that you might be familiar with, called “Incubation”. It is a turn based game, meaning you will play the game depending on fixed periods of time.

Also, the game play is very tactical and it also contains elements of role playing games, which will help you integrate in the world of the game easier. The great thing about this particular friv game is that it offers a complete gaming experience online, which means you are unlikely to get bored from it, regardless how long you play.

It consists of twelve complex levels where you will meet different types of enemies and you will have the chance to use all sorts of weapons that you can upgrade, depending on your results in the game and the requirements of each level.

To control the game you need to use the mouse: control the units and also achieve your mission objective and when you want to rotate the camera in order to see where you stand better, you have to press Ctrl and the mouse button.

Your squad of highly skilled marines is the one that will help you win thisfriv game, so make sure you give them commands that they can fulfil and that you adapt your strategy to the difficulty of the task ahead of you.

Concentrate on the mission that you have to accomplish in each turn of the game and make sure that you stand your ground and never back down in the face of danger. Keep a cool head and enjoy the thrills of a really complex and interactive game.
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