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Werebox description:
Our website is happy to announce the arrival of a brand new game, ready to keep you active and interested for as long as you need!

Werebox is a different kind of game, it will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours, as it promises a new world to explore.

At first glance, the items of play are ordinary balls and there are thousands of them in every city in the world. They have, however, a very interesting ability: they can turn into boxes. All the other normal balls call them Wereboxes, similar, as you would expect, with the famous and infamous werewolves.

The aim of the game is very simple: you need to eliminate some of the boxes, while you must keep all the others in check, in order to keep them in the game. The great ability of the boxes to transform into rectangular objects comes in handy when you play this friv game.

The red boxes must be removed from the game, everything else needs to be protected. This is where you come in: you have to be intelligent and fast enough to think a situation in advance and judge the outcomes. You will rely on the ability of the balls to turn into boxes and then back around, in order to help them either go downhill or stop dead in their tracks.

Some of the red boxes in the game cannot be transformed, which means that you will have to think of a different solution to eliminating them from the game. Sometimes you will notice that the blue boxes, or rather balls, will form a system through which you can remove the bigger, red box. This means that you will have to do some extra thinking and strategy in order to achieve your goal.

A great thing about this game is if you get stuck, you can always replay the level until you figure it out and solve it. No one is there to tell you how right or wrong you are, all you have to do is be confident, think things through and find the solution for each level.

Once you have finished this game, which actually has loads of level to go through, you can always come back to Friv Me! for more exciting new games. The list goes on and on only for your entertainment!
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