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Warzone Getaway 2


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Warzone Getaway 2 description:
The second game in the the the famous game Warzone Getaway series is back with a fresh new look and loads more fun for the avid player within you. It is deadly, thrilling and definitely worth your while.

In Warzone Getaway 2 you will have to deal with vicious enemies that simply will not let you go. They are relentless and because of that you have to do your best to fend them off, using any means at hand. You are sitting in the back of one of the getaway vehicles and your job is to provide cover for your fellow soldiers.

There are many ways in which you can cause harm to your enemies in this fun friv game. First of all, you can use your weapon to shoot them out. That is simply done by pressing the mouse button. Don’t forget to reload by pressing the space bar.

If you want to create more damage, then use any of the Z, X, C or1 to 5 number keys, as they all have a different function within the game. Whenever you finish a level, go to the shop and upgrade your arsenal in order to keep getting better and more efficient at killing opponents.
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