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Vampire Skills


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Vampire Skills description:
We are happy to receive fun-seeking guests every day, so don’t hesitate to join the fun! We have prepared a very interesting new activity for you, so stay tuned for more instructions.

This time around it’s all about blood seeking vampires and scary skills that will help you achieve your bloody goals. Vampire skills is a quest type game that evolves in stages and eases you into your tasks, so that you understand everything you need to do and then apply this knowledge further in the game.

This friv game is organized very simply: you have a set of skills that you need to learn progressively in order to move on to the next level. The first thing you learn is how to fly from point A to point B.

All the actions in the game are controlled by mouse actions, basically all you do is click your way to the end of the game, but the trick is to know when to make the right move. After learning how to fly, you will also find out more interesting tricks to pull on the game in order to reach the victim and drink her blood.

You will learn how to hypnotize people to do what you want, you will also learn how to control religious objects and how to charm ladies to do your bidding. The ultimate goal is to understand and control the game so well that you are able to take decisions all by yourself and deduce what step you need to take in order to perform a certain action.

Once you have mastered these skills you will notice that you are starting to race against time. And it only makes sense, a vampire cannot survive unless there is some blood drinking involved in the process, so you only have a limited amount of time to process all the information, make the right decisions and take action.

Now that you know how to approach this funny friv game, all we wish you is to have a lot of fun and to keep in mind that this experience and many more await you only on the world’s largest gaming website, friv!
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