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Tractor Mania


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Tractor Mania description:
Control your tractor on the difficult courses that Tractor Mania brings to you by pressing the arrow keys, depending on the direction and action you want to take. Your ultimate goal is to reach the end of the game in one piece in order to get scored and to receive your ranking position.

The cool thing about this game is that you can select your tractor to your preference, depending on how aggressive your style of play is. In the beginning, you will only have two choices of tractors, but as you advance and prove yourself, you will unlock more awesome options for you to pick from.

You need to move fast towards the finish line, because, apart from how many stars and bonuses you collect a long the way, you also have to take into account that you must move as fast as possible. The time bonus is a very consistent one and if you manage to finish fast, you will definitely score higher at the end of the game.

The load that you are carrying will either drag you behind or will push you forward when you go downhill, so keep that in mind when jumping over gaps or crossing over bridges. If you want to be safe when driving your truck, always keep an open eye on the course ahead.
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