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The Summoning


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The Summoning description:
Typically you expect in a game that is about defending villages from evil people to play the good character that tries to keep everything in check and all the bad guys out. But not this time! Because this time you are actually going to play the evil sorcerer that is trying to take over the village and to destroy the happy, peaceful life of the community.

Your aim in this game is to slowly, but surely, take over one objective at a time, until you end up being in control over the whole land. You slowly work your way towards the end goal by first taking over the entrance to the village grounds, then the bridge and so on.

At your disposal are a couple of magic tricks that you can conjure, like, for example, a bunch of really creepy zombies or skeletons that do your dirty work for you. You are going to constantly try to defeat waves of incoming villagers, so keep summoning these creatures until you win.

You can also use your mana resources, as they keep refilling, to cast spells that can either burn or freeze your opponents. Fire is the most effective way to get rid of a bunch of villagers at a time, but each time you cast a fire spell, you have to wait a while until the mana goes back up.

If you want to keep your enemies in place, while the creatures do your dirty work, you can cast the freezing spell, which keeps them completely unable to retaliate as you try to take them out.

Each time an opponent dies, a blue orb of energy is released and that also has a good influence on your mana levels. The faster you take these villagers out, the more points you get and the higher you rank among the top players.
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