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The Pretender – Part Three


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The Pretender – Part Three description:
Mysterious games await you on our website, and endless resource for wonderful new games!

There are mysteries happening everywhere we look, even right now, and you may not even know about them. You are the only one able to help solve these mysteries! So don’t hesitate to put your brain at work and join the fun.

You are a former magician that lives in an abandoned theater and you have to help the current magician save all the lost souls. You can take many shapes in the game, such as water, stone or even spirit.

All you have to do is overcome every obstacle in your way, be it fire or worse! Lead all the lost spirits that you can find to the portal that leads home.

With each shape you take, you will also earn various powers that can help you in your quest to save the lost souls or to even eliminate obstacles altogether.

Don’t hesitate to play this fun new friv game and help the lost and lonely find their way!
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