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The Legend of Pandora


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The Legend of Pandora description:
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Eric is an experienced warrior who was searching for a new job. The long road he took brought him to an unknown village where he found an ancient clan, members of which suffered from attacks of a cruel legendary monster. They asked Eric to kill the monster for a reasonable sum of money.

Take a trip together with Eric and help him to fight the monster! Look closely at both pictures and try to identify the difference within the time limit! Your aim is to manage to identify the 5 differences in each set of two pictures before your time runs out. The faster you discover the differences, the more money you get at the end of the game and the higher you rank.

Keep a close eye on the picture, as each time you find a difference, it becomes invisible, which means that you can never find the same difference again. If you miss, however, your time runs out faster, which means that you have to be very careful when clicking on a difference.

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