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The Last Castle


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The Last Castle description:
Defending what is your own can prove quite a difficult thing when you are constantly being attacked by hoards of enemies. This is why we are back with a brand new plan of attack.

Play The Last Castle with your friends online in order to defend this last standing proof of ownership over the land and defeat all those wicked enemies trying to bring it down.

You will have to create your own army that stands between the castle and the enemies, as each night a new wave comes and tries to defeat you and take over. Use the experience acquired in each level to make the next one more interesting and easier to play.

Your friends and you will have to come up with a smart strategy, in order to position yourselves as good as possible in the field and defend the castle. You can think of different tactical friv moves, coordinated attacks and you can even take your enemy by surprise, depending on how you decide to play the friv game.

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