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The Farmer


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The Farmer description:
The Farmer is a game that anyone can play at any time of day or night. It is a relaxing and fun little activity, as you will be playing just with the mouse and you will have to basically take care of your little farm.

As The Farmer, you will have to take care of your crops every day, in order to pick all the fruits of your labour and turn them into profit. You will also be able to grow chicken and pick the eggs that they lay as well.

The farm consists of four separate patches of land, where you can grow any type of crop from the selection offered in the game. The cheapest and fastest growing plant is the turnip, which you have to water and fertilize very little in order to turn it into money.

The other seeds between which you can choose range from carrots all the way to grapes or watermelons. They are progressively more expensive to buy, but their turnover is very high, which means that the original investment is definitely worth it.

As you would expect, a more expensive crop takes a lot more time to grow, which means you will constantly have to keep a supply of fertilizer and bug spray, both items being indispensable for a healthy, happy farm. It takes longer for the watermelons to ripen, but the money that they bring back is well worth your while.

The chicken also need to be tended to, meaning that every day you have to feed them and pick their eggs. You can have up to 5 chicken at one time and they produce eggs daily if you take good care of them.

The farmer takes care of all the plants and chicken on the farm every single day, but he has a limited amount of energy to do that. If you don’t waste time or resources on useless stuff, your farmer will be able to do everything planned for the day, such as watering, fertilizing and spraying all the crops and feeding the chicken, but if you don’t pay attention to him, you might end up with unfinished tasks that will ultimately affect your production of the day.

Whenever you finish taking care of the farm or when the farmer is tired, you just go back inside the farmhouse and click on “End the day”, so you can start fresh the following morning.
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