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Tellurian X


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Tellurian X description:
Welcome to an adventure like no other, where you will get the chance to explore the most hidden places of the universe and you will discover new and fascinating things that human eyes have never seen before. You will be accompanying captain Jack Winston and his mighty cat, Frederick, on exploration missions that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Tellurian Voyager is a ship built especially for deep space exploration, with all the amenities for a fearless captain and a funny cat to enjoy. Unfortunately, due to a crash in the stock exchange, the mission lost its funds and the poor explorers were abandoned in outer space with no one to turn to.

As result of a meteor shower, the ship that the captain is controlling was damaged, leaving Winston and his cat to figure out a way to fix it and come back home by themselves. Since the pieces of the ship were scattered and spread all over this weird new planet, the captain now has to recollect all of them, put them back together and figure out a way to return safely to Earth.

This new planet where our heroes have been left stranded is called Tellurian X and is going to be your home for the rest of the game, until you figure out how to leave. Make sure that you avoid dangerous situations, as they will only set you back and prevent you from reaching your goal.

The game play is very interesting and easy to understand: you will have to pick up all the parts that you see on the screen with the help of your ship. After you manage to do that, you have to land on the platform that has been especially created for you. The more you advance in the game, the more complicated things get, as you will also have to take more factors into account and try to avoid more and more obstacles.

Initially you will only have to use the arrow keys to move your ship around, but as you progress, you will learn that there are also special keys that help you do different things. You also have to watch out for the fuel level, as it is very important not to run out of it before you finish each mission.

Enjoy the thrills of deep space exploration and always keep your eyes open for anything unpredictable that might show up. The destiny of captain Jack and Frederick the cat are in your hands!

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