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Teelombies Infection


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Teelombies Infection description:
If online games is your deal, then you are definitely in the right place. Because is the only place on the world wide web where you are guaranteed to find anything and everything you want and need.

If you think Angry Birds is overrated, then you definitely need to step it up a notch by playing this cool new friv activity called Teelombies Infection. The game play is actually quite similar to the famous original game, but, as you would expect, there is a twist to it.

The principle of the game is simple: you have to infect a certain number of people in each level in order to complete it. For that, you are launching an infected Teelombie into the air, hoping to correctly aim for the place where it can do the most damage.

Once your weapon is charged and ready to shoot you can aim it towards the awaiting crowd of people. You need to be very careful when you shoot, because you only get one shot in each level. If your infecting projectile reaches its target, then you will slowly start to see more and more people transforming. The catch, however, is that they don’t all transform as you would expect. Some of them have the power to fight back, so your shot has to deliver a maximum punch if you want to win this friv game.

On the top of your screen you will notice the progress bar, which tells you how far you have managed to go in reaching your goal and how much more you have left before the level ends.

It’s really all about a little strategy and a lot of chance, the perfect mixture when it comes to playing online games. Teelombies Infection is a wonderful way to pass the time when you are bored at the office and you need a break or when you really can’t find anything interesting to do at home and playing with your dog or cat isn’t fun enough anymore.

The great thing about friv is that it is available practically anywhere there is an internet connection and all you have to do is search for your favorite game and just start playing. What else can you think of that is so simple and entertaining at the same time?
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