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Sprinter description:
Sprint your races all the way to the Olympics in this fun new game that is easy to play and very amusing to watch. The aim is to get to the finish line as fast as possible and to become champion in each race.

You control your runner by simply alternating between the left and right arrow keys. This actually means that you are controlling the pace at which your runner will go through the race. Depending on how fast and correctly you do that, you can either be a winner every single time or you can actually make your runner trip and fall.

Regardless of what happens within the friv game, you are definitely promised a lot of good old fun, because just looking at the small racers and how you character is trying to defeat them is definitely worth your time.

The races are typically easy to win, especially in the beginning, when you are just learning how to control the motion and not let your runner trip. Play this friv game whenever you are bored and just want something light and relaxing to do.

Sprinter is definitely the game for you if you are in a bad mood, just got off work or school and you feel like laughing a little.
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