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Snail Bob


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Snail Bob description:
Snail Bob has a very big problem: because there is a construction site now where his house once stood, he has to find a new place to call home. That is why Snail Bob has to go on a journey in this game in order to find another place to live.

Snail Bob has a difficult road ahead of it: travelling through a construction site is never easy, especially for a slow and helpless snail. This where you come in. there are many things you can do to help our little snail reach the end of its journey.

You can pull levers, push buttons or rotate handles, all to help keep the snail on the right track. Whenever Bob seems to go off course, you can click on it to make it stop and hide in its shell. All the other items in the game can be controlled with the mouse as well.

Whenever you feel like the snail is moving too slow, you can select the second speed, which is a bit higher. You can also toggle between speeds by pressing the keys 1 and 2 on your keyboard. The aim is to get the snail to the exit without letting it get lost or hurt.
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