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Sled Bash


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Sled Bash description:
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This is an excellent and fun 3D racing game that is sure to keep you on your toes, alert and always online. Beat the other aliens and get to the spaceship first to be the winner.

As with any classic racing game, it’s not all about the race, but also about the many interesting things you find on route, most of which you will have to avoid. There are giant snowballs that actually engulf a racer altogether, preventing him from moving forward to the finish line, there are also abominable snowmen that stand in your way, always waiting to make another victim and there are also the other players, who obviously aren’t very happy that you are there with them.

You do, however, have a first line of defense against these problems: you can also throw snowballs at the ones who annoy you, as a mean of protecting yourself, but also as a way to keep yourself on top of your game and also the competition. We all know it’s a cold world out there on the ice and the faster the sled moves, the faster danger approaches you.

In order to stay in front of the pack you will need an extra skill, one that only these crazy aliens could have come up with to put on a sled: you have the ability to use a nitro boost every time you press the space bar on your keyboard, which means you will increase your speed almost to the point of losing control over it. But you have to play it cool and keep in mind that you are here to race towards the finish line and the mother ship, so just pay attention to the course and the other participants.

Whenever you encounter an obstacle that isn’t too big or if it’s just too late to avoid danger, you can always press the caps lock key, which will immediately lift you in the air in a spectacular jump, so that you can keep going and be safe in the game. If you enjoyed this interesting friv game, then make sure to stay tuned for more of the same adrenalin pumping activities.

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