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Skilled Parker 2


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Skilled Parker 2 description:
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Have you been looking for a place to work for a long time? Well, we have the perfect job for you. Cars are everything in your life, which means this is the most appropriate field of work for you.

Skilled Parker 2 is all about parking cars, as you would expect. Each car has its own specific parking spot and a certain position that it needs to take. The friv game is helpful in this aspect, as it shows you exactly where the front of the vehicle goes every time you want to park another car.

This is the reason why you will have to position yourself perfectly within the parking lot in order to correctly place your vehicle. The catch is that the parking lot isn’t always going to be empty and there will definitely be a lot of traffic involved.

You should always pay attention to each car passing by on the street, because if you so much as touch one of the moving vehicles, you are going to have to start the level all over again. If you hit a car already in the parking lot, don’t worry too much about it, but keep in mind this is only a friv game and in real life you should always be careful where and how you park your car.

In order to park your car you will have to skilfully use the arrow keys on your keyboard, depending on the direction you want to take and you will also need the help of the space bar when you want to hit the brakes.

A funny feature for this game is that you are also entitled to your own space in the parking lot, so whenever you feel you are being too crowded of just simply uncomfortable, just honk your horn using the H key on your keyboard.

Now that you have tested your parking skills, we are glad to inform you that you can also find a lot more fun stuff to do only on our friv website. Just take your pick from the list and start playing right away.
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