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Shopping Street


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Shopping Street description:
Welcome to a world of your choice, where you decide what your street looks like, what kind of shops are on it and how you want them to function. If you’re enthusiastic about managing your own little businesses, this is the perfect online game for you.

You have to decide how to invest your money in the shops that you create and once you decide what strategy is best for business, all you have to do is watch the people go in and make you money.

The trick is to position the shops in such a way that you can make the most out of each shopper that comes by. Once you get the people’s attention, you can rest assured that business will flourish and your resources will keep improving.

Speaking of improvement, you also have to invest money in your newly created shops if you want people to keep coming back and buying more. That means that you will have to select which upgrades to buy in favor of which other types of shops and so on.

If you manage to fulfill your assignments by the end of each round, then you will notice that the game keeps getting a bit more demanding as you advance.
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