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Shootin’ Cybertrash


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Shootin’ Cybertrash description:
Are you aware of the dangers that an alien invasion impose on Earth? Did you know that there is something you can do to stop these dangerous aliens? Yes you can do in a new game.

We are giving you the opportunity to beat the aliens at their own game, by grabbing your weapon and shooting the nasty aliens that have been observing the planet for decades.

Your aim is to save your planet and the resources that the aliens are trying to extract, so give it your best and avoid getting hurt. You are armed with a state of the art weapon that kills aliens almost instantly, but they are sneaky and will try to get you when they are out of your range.

Move around using the arrow keys, but be pay attention when shooting the aliens, using the X and V keys and also when negotiating obstacles. You can jump using Z or C and you can use a combination of keys to shoot in a certain direction.

Good luck in your friv quest to save the planet from the dreadful aliens and to protect our precious resources.

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