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RPG Rider description:
This website announces the development of a brand new and fun game to play, just perfect to quench the entertainment needs within you!

RPG Rider combines the graphics that you would normally see in an RPG game with the thrills of riding a dirt bike or an ATV.

Obviously and as expected, you will have to perform lots of tricks that will test your riding skills and your patience. Bike around and pick up glowing orbs that bring you extra points.

Whenever you have the opportunity, spend as much time in the air doing as many tricks as possible, because this is the only way you will score high and rank among the top players.

If you tilt your bike forward or backward you will see that your character will perform really complicated tricks in mid air, which also bring you extra points. The dramatic musical background can either be turned on or off, depending on your preferences, but keep in mind it’s there to create a great setting and mood for such an adventurous friv game.

As mentioned before, there are orbs of light that you need to collect along the way, in order to score extra points. If you do that while playing the ultimate tricks, you will receive great rewards and you will shoot sky-high in the ranks, higher than any of your friends. You can choose the character you want to play with, especially because this is an RPG inspired friv game, which means that you can almost identify with the hero and try to be the best in every single challenge.

Just be careful when you want to ride a dangerous area or you want to perform a trick, because there are no extra lives in this game, you either rule the course or you fail and plunge to a bloody death. All this being said, all you have to do now is experience the wonderful adventure and try to score as high as you can, so the best of luck to you!

Thank you for choosing to play this friv game and keep in mind you can always come back for more any time you want!
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