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Retro Blox description:
Welcome to the wonderful world of games, the place to be if fun and adventure is what you’re looking for. You have a wide variety of flash games to choose from, which means you can never get tired of them!

Logic and puzzle games are back in fashion. This time, you will have to solve a classic puzzle that has been around in various shapes and sizes for a very long time. In Retro Blox you will be happy to play a friv game where colors are the main characters. The aim is quite simple: you will have to clear all the squares of colour off the screen in order to score as high as possible.

The catch, however, is that you will have to be very efficient when playing the friv game: you can clear the screen using any strategy you want, but in order to be considered the best you will have to use as few clicks as possible. All adjacent pieces that share the same colour will automatically disappear when you click them.

In order to use as few clicks as possible, you will have to strategies a bit and think in advance how the squares are going to fall down and go together, color-wise.

The great thing about this friv game is that you can play it in two modes, which are called Casual and Turbo. As expected, the Casual mode is typically used for a bit of practice and when you feel you are all ready to play the friv game for real, start playing Turbo mode, where a lot more colors await you.

In the Casual mode you will have three saves available, because it’s more of a practice type of friv game, so keep in mind that when you want to remove color blocks, you will have to do it in such a way that you won’t leave one block of color at the end all by itself.

The great thing about the Turbo mode is that this feature is disabled, but, as the name says, you will be playing against the clock, so keep your eyes opened and your reflexes in tiptop shape, because you will have to make important strategy decisions fast.

A classic success, this friv game will definitely keep you on the tip of your toes and will keep you involved for hours on end.

Thank you for choosing to play this fun friv game and keep in mind that you will always find an interesting activity to do on our website!
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