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Red Crucible


This online multiplayer FPS game requires Unity Player. Install it from here: Unity Web Player. Install now!

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Red Crucible description:
Join a large community of online gamers such as yourself that are avidly waiting for the next chance to take out vicious enemies in a dangerous death match. Red Crucible is definitely not a game for the faint hearted, as the pace is very fast and the enemies are relentless.

You will be prompted in the beginning to create an account, a vital piece of information if you want to keep playing with the same people or in the same types of teams.

Once you have your identity within the game, your next task is to choose a weapon that you consider suitable in order to take out your enemies. Keep in mind that everyone playing has done so as well, so you will definitely meet your match in this game. If you enjoy war games, then this one will definitely bring a smile to your face.

The graphics pack is excellent and the in game communication and strategist make Red Crucible a quality choice every time you want to play and win.

Control the game with the classical arrow keys and shoot out all the enemies within your range, all the while trying to cover for yourself and your team.
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