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Racoon’s Towel


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Racoon’s Towel description:
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This game is called Racoon’s Towel and its aim is to recover something our nice racoon lost something that belonged to him in a very nasty way. The story goes something like this:

Once upon a time there lived a respectable raccoon in the forest. One day he was doing the washing and he got involved in this work so much that he did not notice as a nasty guy came up close to him and stole one of his towels. The angry raccoon saw only the thief's car. But that was enough to find the bad man and to take revenge on him.

Help the little raccoon get his towel back and collect other useful things. As you go along, you will notice that you can only do things in a certain order, so that your racoon doesn’t get hurt and finishes all the tasks correctly.

Try to collect all the items on course and make the most out of the fun experience that is a friv game. Enjoy more games only on our website, any time of night and day!
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