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Quad Runner


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Quad Runner description:
Play Quad Runner if you are a thrill seeking adventurer that only wants to let loose and play a dangerous friv game at a high speed. Online gaming has never been this much fun before!

To control your rambunctious quad you must press the up key, if you want to move ahead and the down key to push it backwards. To lean on either side you also have to use the remaining two keys.

The trick in this game is to always anticipate what is going to come up on the course and to try to adapt your speed to the terrain, to your level of skill and to the need to finish each race as fast as possible.

Try to keep your dirt machine under tight control, because each mistake you make will cost you time and money, and they are both very important if you want to succeed in this game. The faster you get to the finish line, the higher you score, but keep in mind that speed can also be dangerous if you don’t know how to keep it under check.

Test yourself in this thrilling new game and invest all the time and focus you are capable of if you want to rank on top of the page.
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