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Operation Black Sand


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Operation Black Sand description:
We are back with a brand new plan of attack! Or better said, we are back with a fun new game for you to try, which has to do with strategy, oil and control: Operation Black Sand.

This game is a great strategy skills test for you! In order to evolve and stay in the game, you need to create engineers that have tot take over oil pumps that are also very important to others.

Each time you create an engineer you will lose money, but if you manage to keep the oil pumps in your possession, you will not only easily cover the costs, but also create a lot of profit within the game. That means that as you go along, you have the possibility to make more and more money and to rank as the best player on the friv web.

Just keep track of your investments and as you go along, you will notice that you will also get better at the friv game and you will unlock different kinds of players that will help you stay on your game.

Visit friv game for more of the same fun activities! We are here only for your delight and there is plenty of options to choose from. Just pick your favourite and start playing right away!
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