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Ninjago-The Four Paths


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Ninjago-The Four Paths description:
We are back with more interesting games to play for your inner child! Welcome to our website, a place where everyone can enjoy any kind of game you can think of.

You are a fearless ninja, but, as any ninja master, you will also have to go through a couple of fire challenges in order to prove yourself. That is why you are going to have to undergo a bit of testing in 4 levels. The first level is about ducking and taking cover when fire sparks fall from the sky, the second test is about climbing a mountain. The higher you go, the more points you score.

The third challenge is also about steering clear of danger in the shape of lightning bolts and the fourth challenge consists of climbing a glacier. Each level requires your attention and skills, as you will be receiving points for everything you do. Keep in mind that a real ninja never gives up, so keep focused and alert!

Now that we’ve told you more about the friv game, let’s explain exactly how to play it: to perform a fire dash, you will have to use your mouse to move from left to right and avoid the flaming sparks falling down from the ceiling.

As you surf along the rocky road you will use your mouse again to jump from ledge to ledge. You will need to avoid cliffs and spiky cactus as they will cause you to fall. Jumping on top of the sheep will give you and extra boost. Collect the floating coins on the way up to earn extra points.

In flash dance you will use the mouse to move from left to right and avoid the electrical sparks bouncing from the glowing lanterns. The longer you last and the more coins you collect, the more points you will receive.

Finally, in slippery slope you will jump from ledge to ledge, similar to the second level of the friv game, but this time you will have to avoid ice spikes and cliffs if you want to stay in the game.

Thank you for choosing to play this friv game and keep in mind you can always come back for more any time you want!
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