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More Bloons


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More Bloons description:
The Bloons family just got larger with the help of the More Bloons game. The aim is to pop as many balloons as possible using only the darts that you have at your disposal in each level.

But since popping bloons isn’t exactly the easiest thing to expect, you will have to try and do that by following a couple of rules or, actually, by following your gut instinct. The balloons in the game aren’t exactly typical, some of them may even hide tacks or light sabers.

That is usually a hint to help you solve the puzzles in this friv game easier. You can simply let your monkey throw arrows at the balloons randomly, but this way you will keep on playing the same level over and over again until you figure out what you must do to advance.

To throw an arrow you must first push the mouse button and keep it pressed until you feel you have enough strength in your shot. If your target is closer, then press and release the mouse button faster. Each level has a trick that you must figure out and there is no time limit, so just try to find out what the trick is.
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