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Material Mole


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Material Mole description:
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Material Mole is a game all about mine resources and transportation. It is very important to keep things well organized in a mine, so this game teaches you all about that in a couple of fun and interesting levels.

The aim of the game is to deliver the extracted material from point A to point B safely and efficiently, in order to score as high as possible and to become the top player.

Whenever you have to transport a new load, you have to position yourself accurately under the conveyor belt, because you will need to deliver a full load every time you want to go up a level.

There are plenty of problems to navigate through the tunnels, though, because some systems need a special kind of lever that you have to pull in order to take the right track and some places are quite dangerous for you and your machine.

The foreman is waiting for you at the end of the track and will be looking out for any issues that might be out of order. On your way to the end of the track you will also have plenty of opportunities to make points, as you are not only competing against the clock, but also you are trying to make as many points as possible out of the little challenges and opportunities that come along the way.

To play the game you have to know the commands, which are the following: you will move your truck using the arrow keys and you will pick stuff up or move them by pressing the space bar. If you want to speed things up, you will need to hold Z down as you move along. Be careful not to drop any cargo, because the terrain is quite rocky and you are risking a lot when you move the extracted ore around.

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