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Lose the Heat 2


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Lose the Heat 2 description:
You are playing Lose the Heat 2, the fastest paced online friv game out there. Your aim is to shake off the tail that you have, because you are under the pressure of a very serious situation. Your girlfriend is being held captive and you must do whatever you are asked in order to set her free.

There is a lot of corruption and foul play involved and you must keep your cool at all times, if you ever plan on achieving your goal. Drive your vehicle as fast as you can and take into account that you also have to perform certain tasks if you want to come out alive.

Your car is your best friend in this race against time and the way to control it is by pressing the arrow keys, depending on the direction you must go. If you want to ride more dangerously, press Z for a two-wheel experience. To view the situation from the rear you must hold X and if you want to activate the hand break just press C.

Keep up your score and also keep your girlfriend alive by carefully driving your car around the city in this alert game where you will never get bored. Unlock more levels as you practice your driving skills.
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