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King of Fighters Death Match


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King of Fighters Death Match description:
King of Fighters Death Match is a classic one on one combat game that is especially created for those of you that enjoy some quality martial arts style fighting combined with a couple of super powers that can be used in certain situations.

This exciting friv game relies a lot on how you, as player, want to take on a certain enemy. Your strategy can be adapted according to what you want to do, this means you can be an aggressive player, always going for the attack, or a defensive player, counting on just a couple of well placed kicks to win.

Regardless of how you want to play the game, it is always useful to think about combinations and super attacks that can deliver a supernatural punch to the adversary. In order to be able to perform that kind of an attack, you must first learn how to normally attack and then you can proceed to a more advanced technique.

To move your player around use the arrow keys and to make it perform certain actions, use any of the letters U, I, O, J, K and L. while in the game you can explore various combinations of any of the keys mentioned. Each of them offers a specific function, so pay attention and start playing this friv game by learning the commands properly.
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