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Kilroy 3


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Kilroy 3 description:
Chernobyl has never seemed so close to you before! Kilroy 3 brings you back to a place long forgotten, but that still has a lot of influence on modern day society as we know it.

You are situated on the actual grounds of Chernobyl, where the famous nuclear accident has caused some very unusual and unexpected results. Everybody knows that the effects of radiation can be long term and that the accident itself has caused a lot of mutations in different people, but this is completely out of the ordinary.

In Chernobyl there are a couple of mutant creatures that have managed to adapt to the very toxic environment and now they are threatening to spread. Your task is to take them out at all costs, because they are too dangerous to be left alive.

Control your weapon and deploy all the fire power you are capable of if you want to be efficient in your campaign, because this is the only way to take out your enemies. Once you get the hang of it, you will notice the game gets progressively more difficult, but you also get a lot more skilled. If you enjoy action friv games, then you will simply love this one, so good luck!
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