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Haunt the House


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Haunt the House description:
This funny little game has the perfect recipe for the online gamer that is looking to sit back and relax, while haunting a bunch of innocent people inside a house.

The colorful setting is the perfect place for you, impersonating a funny ghost, to let your imagination loose and create the perfectly scary situations. This ghost is trying to take over the house so help it achieve its goal.

Your task is to go inside objects and turn them into frightening appearances or to create certain specific circumstances that will determine the noisy inhabitants of the house to get out.

You cannot, however, create too much agitation from the very beginning, because then you will cause panic and the people will randomly run out of the house, ending the game for you and limiting your score.

The best way to go about it is to take one room or one group of people at a time and to try and figure out what objects you can turn into haunting devices that can determine these people to leave. The more rooms you manage to clear, the more space in the house for you to live your happy ghostly life in peace and quiet.
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