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Greemlins Kamikaze


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Greemlins Kamikaze description:
If you’re into fast moving games and thrilling adventures, then this is definitely the game for you. Greemlins Kamikaze is all about placing the right little monster at the perfect time in the perfect place.

The key element here is time: you must do everything you can to take out all the monsters, but you have to move as fast as possible, maybe even faster, if you even think of standing a chance against these hideous little creatures.

Your purpose in this game is to match the monsters in your cannon with the ones on the screen. Depending on the monsters’ colors, you have to shoot them out of the cannon in such a way that you form groups of three or more.

Once you manage to do that, you will notice that the monsters are slowly clearing off of your screen. The bar, however, keeps going down, meaning that, even if you think you’re being very efficient, you have to keep in mind that the game isn’t over unless you actually take all of the monsters in each level out.

Otherwise you will be invaded by a bunch of nasty little creatures that are ruthless and will stop at nothing to make your life uncomfortable. The faster you are done with each level, the higher your score will go, but you have to make sure that you don’t lose a level. That actually translates into you losing the game, so you’d have to start over again.

Whenever you misplace a little monster, that only turns into trouble for you, because you will most likely have to wait for two more of the same colour to take it out. And waiting is not exactly a luxury you can afford in this game. Just keep your eyes open and only click the mouse button when you are definitely sure you are going to succeed.
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