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Funny Animals


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Funny Animals description:
One of the main categories of games that roams the internet is the one where the aim is to mach three or more of the same kind of elements in order to take them out and score points. Funny Animals is a game very similar to the world famous Zuma, where a bunch of colourful and clueless animals are merrily walking along a forest path.

This path, however, is not without dangers, because some evil hunter seems to have placed a trap somewhere along the way, with the mean purpose of catching and harming the lovely animals. Your goal is to point your slingshot and shoot a similar animal close to the ones in the moving line in order to have three or more of the same put together.

Once you manage to do that, you will notice that the animals are starting to disappear, leaving you with bonuses to collect and points to score. The more combinations you manage to create, the more money and points are going to come your way. There are special bonuses that can actually help you finish the levels faster, such as the special arrow that helps you precisely point in the direction that you want to shoot.

Accuracy is a very important skill to have if you want to play this game, because a misplaced animal can lead to a whole bunch of problems, such as missing a whole series of matches or not leaving you with enough time to actually shoot enough matches before the animals are trapped.

Also, you can practice your speed and reflexes, because they are also required if you want to be successful and finish the rounds as fast as possible. A combination of precision and determination is definitely the best recipe to do that, so the best of luck to you and loads of matching animals!
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