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Freeway Fury 2


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Freeway Fury 2 description:
Back with more adrenalin for the driving addict in you! Find any game you can think of only on our website and start playing right away.

If you enjoyed Freeway Fury, then you’ll love the new game from the series. In The Freeway Fury 2 you will be able to play the same stunts in traffic, but this time, your are going to use different keys on the keyboard and the risk of falling out is much lower: in other words, we made the game more fun for you to play!

Apart from this, you will also be able to ride bikes, a trick that wasn’t allowed in the previous version. You will use these to sneak up on other vehicles and also maneuver around the freeway a lot easier, in order to avoid friv accidents.

The great improvement in this friv game is that you can also use the nitro boost on the motorcycle. Stop wasting time waiting for the vehicle in front of you to move, take action and get right where you want to be in no time, that means right on top of the rankings. Keep yourself alive for as long as possible and reach your destination in no time!

For more pure, unaltered fun, just look for any friv game and start playing right now!
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