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Firebug description:
We are always happy to welcome players from all over the web to a wonderful new game every day!

This time we brought you the ultimate bug saga, the Firebug game. You are in control over a bug that is on fire and that can burn through different kinds of steps. Help this little bug to overcome any obstacle and make it to the finish line. For extra points you can pick the funny looking beans that usually hang over the bug’s head. But be very careful, when you move forward, those wooden steps catch fire, which means that you have to move very fast if you want to make it out alive and also with a high score.

You will also encounter different types of other bugs, which will wither help you or hinder you in your challenge. The green one will explode and throw flames all around, so stay away from it, but if you jump over the blue one, you will be able to jump higher than ever and make it to normally unreachable places. Pay attention to the red bugs, because they can cause a lot of trouble and may even cause you to lose the level!

Enjoy the fun this friv game brings to you and have loads more fun with other games as well, only on friv!
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