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Counter Force description:
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When it’s shooting targets you’re interested in, you have come to the right place. Counter Force game is a great 2d shooting game. It consists of 3x60 second rounds where your Mission is to shoot the enemies as accurately as possible.

But this is not all the game has to offer. Although it’s all about pure shooting fun, your aim is in fact to become the best sniper on the web. Of course you will be fully and adequately equipped and trained, but you must also know a couple of tricks. First of all, as you would expect, your rifle will at some point run out of bullets. You need to press the letter R in order to reload, but you have to be very careful, because you might lose sight of the enemy if you don’t do it fast enough.

Another thing is that you can always take a break when you feel your reflexes are a bit worn out or you just need to go to the bathroom. It would be a shame to lose your great stats because of a small reason such as that.

Whenever you feel an enemy is too far away or just moving out of your reach, if you hit the space bar, your sniper skills come into action: you will be able to see the playing field magnified through your visor and you will definitely be able to shoot the enemies with a much higher accuracy rate.

Because the friv consists of only 3 rounds, you can always come back and try to beat your old score, because this is what competition is all about and who better to beat other than yourself. In the beginning of the friv game you are asked to write your name, which means that from then on your accurate rifle shooting skills are going to forever be immortalized in the sniper hall of fame from friv.

For more of the same exciting and daring fun just write friv game in your browser and let the Internet find what you are looking for. Good luck!
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