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Commando 3


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Commando 3 description:
As you might have notice, each time you come back on you find new and better games. Today we have a very special game that is far better than other games on other websites. And yes, we hit the jack pot with this game today.

Commando 3 is a friv game developed by the team and if you played some other games made by them then you know this game must kick ass. It is true that it is the 3rd of its kind and usually sequels aren't so great as the original game, but this one is. This friv is awesome because of its graphics ( it's not 3D, but still is can tell that those guys spent a lot of time tinkering with the graphic elements) and also with great sound. By far, Commando 3 friv is very good also when it comes to gameplay experience and also storyline.

For other great frivs, do come back on Friv Me! and you will find for sure some of the best times you'll ever have on a gaming portal.
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