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Commando 3


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Commando 3 description:
Commando 3 is a game that any online player can take on, regardless of their skill or preference, as it is always fun to play, not too violent in terms of graphic details and very interactive when it comes to what it allows you to do.

Apart from being a typical commando style online game, this activity also has some really cool features that you can explore while playing. First of all, the controls are the typical WASD combination followed by the click of the mouse, that lets you shoot your enemies.

Then, the awesome feature that you must try is to take out your enemies while jumping over them. In mid air you are a much more difficult target to hit, which means you can be a lot more efficient in killing.

Your enemies will come in waves and they always outnumber you, but you have the advantage of the higher level of skill, the fire power and the simple fact that you have more lives.

That practically gives you all the tools to become unbeatable in the game. All you have to do next is let loose and have fun while taking out all the enemies, commando style and all.
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