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Chasm description:
We are very happy to welcome you to gaming portal, the best place to be if it’s online games you’re interested in. Sit back and relax the wonderful experience of playing a game online, alone or with your friends.

Chasm is a fun, interactive quest-type game that will take you to the abyss and beyond in your search to optimize the water flow in this desert region.

This wonderful little platypus will have to try its best, with our help, of course, to fix the main water line that keep the many mouths depending on it alive. The town below really needs your help to fix the problem, as there is only one way for the water to get to town and only you are able to provide the key.

At first you are shown a little intro where you understand the story and the urgency of the situation. Our little platypus friend is there at your disposal, doing only what you tell it to do. You will have to climb ladders, pull levers, swim or jump in order to perform everything in the right order and fix the water problem.

There are some things that can only be done in a certain order, but it wouldn’t be interesting to play the friv game anymore if we were to spoil all the fun in the description, so the only thing that you are left to do is to start playing the game right away and discover all the cool stuff all by yourself.

If this type of quest game is something you are interested in, you can always be sure that friv is the most appropriate game resource you will ever find online. Just look for your favorite game and you’ll see!
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