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Cargo Bridge


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Cargo Bridge description:
If testing your building skills is what you’re interested in, then Cargo Bridge brought to you by us, is the best thing you can think of because your engineering abilities are put to the test in a very interesting game.

Your cargo must get to the warehouse as fast as possible, no delays are accepted and you certainly can’t lose it or the people carrying it from one place to another. Your aim is to help your workers deliver the cargo by building sturdy bridges that can even support the weight of elephants.

Each level poses a very interesting challenge, because of the differences in length of the openings and also the heights of the two sides. Keep in mind that you have to support up to three workers and their cargo at some point, so don’t let anyone down and build the strongest bridges out there.

You have at you disposal a limited budget that allows you to build a certain number of connectors and of wood walks, so don’t go over the top with these builds.

Deliver your cargo and keep everyone save in this friv game, in order to move up in the levels and also to score high and remember to have fun!
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