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Cannon Experiment


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Cannon Experiment description:
Me! is more than happy to welcome all new gamers to this wonderful fun activity that you can only find on our website!

For all you logical thinkers out there, Cannon Experiment is what you have been waiting for since the invention of online gaming. It’s the perfect combination between a kind of target practice game and a quest of logical reasoning.

The first thing you notice about this game is that it helps you understand it as you go along, meaning it gives you instructions as you move forward. The simplest and smartest thing to do is to read the instructions carefully and acknowledge the information, as it will prove to be very useful during the evolution of the game.

You are armed with a cannon and you will need to understand each situation as a system in order to go to the next level. In each level you have a kind of bucket where you have to send just one ball to finish the level. Normally it takes a certain connection of events to throw your ball in that bucket, but if you manage to throw it from the first shot, it only means more points for you.

Whenever you pass a level, a new one is created and your challenge level just keeps increasing. The more balls you shoot out of your cannon, the less points you have left to finish the game, so try to be efficient and not to waste your shots.

Apart from the effort you need to make in order to evolve, you will also feel the satisfaction of having thought your way out of the level by yourself, coordinating all the efforts and concentrating yourself to efficiently solve each level.

The great thing about this game is that it will never leave you bored or dissatisfied, because each level is different and poses a new kind of trick. Although it is expected of you to throw a ball in the bucket, you will notice that each step of the game varies in approach and solution. Your interest will be kept alive by these fun challenges and this will guarantee an interactive and relaxing experience each time you start another level.

Whenever you feel down or bored, you can always count on friv to bring you the latest in online gaming, so don’t hesitate to join and start playing right away!
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