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Burger Shop 2


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Burger Shop 2 description:
Burger Shop 2 is the sequel to the famous burger and sandwich delivery game that has made quite some noise around the internet for a long time. Online gamers everywhere, get ready for a serious upgrade this time, as friv is happy to present to you the much awaited Burger Shop 2.

In this friv game you will have to combine ingredients that never stop coming to serve customers that are constantly coming and going in and out of the restaurant that you have to manage. The great new feature that was introduced allows you, this time, to also deal with other types of orders, such as bacon and eggs, meatloaf or even waffles.

Your goal is to stay on top of your game and keep a cool head in times of crisis, because this is the only way to guarantee a successful production and delivery line. If you want your restaurant business to expand, you must have or develop these qualities.

Creating a profitable restaurant empire may not be an easy thing to do, but you must always remember where you started at, meaning in a burger shop, and you must always keep in mind that the beginning is the hardest part in anything you want to start, even playing a friv game.
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