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Braap Braap description:
The world of motorcycle games will never look the same once you’ve tried playing Braap Braap, a fascinating new game motocross activity that will keep you glued to your seat for many hours, without a single dull moment to spare.

The motocross world has never been more appealing and this game aims to prove just that. As you would expect, your point in the game is to perform complicated tricks in order to score points and position high among the ranks.

Controlling the pilot of the motorcycle is the first thing you must learn in order to perform these tricks: the whole set of arrow keys will let you handle the pilot and make various moves within the game.

Another important control is the space bar. You must hold it pressed until you get almost to the edge of the ramp, when you release it for a special reason: you must get as much into the air as possible if you want to have any chance of playing any tricks in mid air.

To actually do these tricks you must toggle between the Z, X or C keys, depending on where you are, on the ground or in the air. The great thing is that each trick is scored depending on the difficulty and skill that you have used to perform it. Once you understand exactly how to control the game and you start playing it in a more relaxed and frequent manner, you will notice how easy it is to actually score these points.

All players that are passionate about extreme sports such as motocross will simply be fascinated by the special graphics and 3D feature of this flash game. You will have to use a player specific for such games, for example Shockwave Player, in order to fully experience the high quality and detail of the game.
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