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Black Eagle description:
The thrills of adventurous helicopter missions are back ad they’ve never seemed more exciting. If you enjoyed watching them on TV as a kid, then you will love playing this game online for free. Black Eagle is going to keep you posted in your seat for hours and promises to deliver the most interesting aircraft adventure ever.

The first mission you are going to embark on is named “Early Bird” and it tells a short story in the mission briefing, that you must pay attention to if you want to succeed. Intelligence sources have informed you that there is an enemy that has already managed to build their base in such a strategically positioned place that it will allow them to launch very dangerous attacks whenever and in whatever direction they want. Your fellow troops are vulnerable in the face of this threat and you have to figure out how to take out this new base.

Depending on how you want to approach this, you now have to decide how to equip your aircraft and who you want flying it. Each weapon you choose has a different kind of effect on the enemy, so take a good look at the statistics they have been designed with and make an assessment of what you might face.

In the game you must learn how to control your flying machine and you do that with the help of the arrow keys, while the machine gun is fired by pressing A. depending on the weapons you have chosen, you can control the two firearms with S and D. If you want to land or take off you must press Z and whenever you are searching for a target, you hold W.

When you actually have to confront the enemy, stay alert and think about the many combinations that you can create while firing. Your enemies will never know what hit them if you keep a close eye on the situation and assess everything correctly.

The real skill that you will practice in this game is multitasking and that is because not only will you have to fly the helicopter and manoeuvre it in such a way to avoid trouble, but you also have to fight and control all the weapons at the same time.

You can take your helicopter practically anywhere you want in game, as long as you know that some places might be dangerous for you. If, however, you keep in mind all the things you learn in the game, you can be sure nothing will hurt you.

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