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Armed With Wings 2


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Armed With Wings 2 description:
Armed With Wings 2 is part of that category of games that you simply cannot put down once you’ve started playing. It is thrilling, pumps up your adrenaline and keeps you tied to your seat all the way to the end.

The story of the games takes us through the wrong doings of a certain ruler that seems to have taken down the Rebellion at some point and now is haunted by the mistakes that he has made in the past. Only a handful of followers are still faithful to him and he must fight his way back to the throne if he wants to stay alive.

The enemies that he has to defeat, called bosses, are vicious and relentless and he must use all the skills and powers he has in order to even stand a chance. The main character is an exquisite fighter, but also has magical powers that help him deliver special attacks against the enemies.

These special powers, as well as the normal actions that the character can perform are only controlled with your keyboard. To move around the playing universe you must press the arrow keys. If you want to jump, you press the Up arrow shortly and if you want to go higher into the air, you have to press and hold the same key.

For special attacks you can use a combination of the Z, X and C keys. This will apply a special attack that includes kicks, punches and sword slashes. There is also a second set of commands that delivers some rather special kinds of attacks: A, S and D. These are the attacks that include magical powers and are a lot stronger and more effective that simple combat attacks.

The eerie graphics of the game create a special atmosphere of mystery and danger, inducing a state of constantly raised awareness and a bit of fear. This keeps you alert at all times and on top of your game, in order to create the best combinations of hits to take out your enemies.

The game also includes, apart from opponents to battle, some tricky areas that you must either jump over or go through. These are also situations in which you need to pay attention, because you can also lose your life this way. Just keep an open eye to your environment and a steady hand on the keyboard and you will win.
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