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Air Barons


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Air Barons description:
Air Barons is a very interesting new friv game that will help you kill all those dull moments away and turn every online gaming experience into something fascinating and exciting.

The main point of the friv game is to make sure you are the true baron of the skies by taking out all the enemies that are threatening to take your life and to attack your country. The enemies are also flying around you and they are heavily armed, which means you must also protect yourself while trying to eliminate them.

Your first mission will be to take out a bunch of dirigibles that are hovering in the sky and that are trying very hard to take you out. You, aboard your plane, must take them out by relentlessly shooting them whenever you manage to take aim. If, by any chance, you get hurt, you have to collect a pack of health supplies that has been parachuted down and that is basically waiting for you to get it.

Because the aim of the game is to score as high as you can, you also have packs with money or bonus points that are slowly falling down, perfectly awaiting your airplane to get collected. However, if you want your score to count, you must first finish the assignments that you are given in the beginning of each mission.

Depending on how efficient you are in doing so, you will receive more bonuses and you will watch your score grow. To control your friv aircraft you must use the arrow keys, but pay attention which direction your plane is going, because there is a trick. The down arrow will point the nose of the plane up and vice versa, because the controls are made to resemble the ones on a real plane.

Whenever you want to fire, you must press the Z key. You will notice there is a cross hair in front of your plane and that is the place where you will most likely hit your target, so make sure you point directly at your target if you don’t want to waste any fire power.

Each new adventure you start will bring you more thrills and adrenaline, so try to keep up with everything that is going on in the game if you plan on reaching the top of the ranks. Invest your energy and attention in this game and you won’t have to wait too much to see positive results.
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